Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Virtual reality, I protest!

Ok, you have all seen this commercial:

So what do you see when you watch it? The man and his son are making root beer floats, and uh-oh, the glass falls over and spills. They discuss how many paper towel sheets it will take to clean it up, but the mom confidently tells them it only takes one Bounty sheet to do it. Then SHE cleans it up!

Yep, same thing that happens every day in homes across America, males make a mess, stand around and look at it until the female comes over and cleans it up. This is a travesty! This is perpetuating the belief that males do not have to clean up after themselves! That some female will come along and clean it up for them. I would say we need to fight against this brainwashing but, we all watch the commercial, we all see what happens, and we all think, Hmm..Bounty is better at cleaning up spills.

Instead we should screaming into the heavens "NO! If you make a mess, YOU CLEAN IT UP!" (also we should be boycotting Bounty)

Just so you know, both my husband and my son don't see anything wrong with the commercial, and don't understand why I am so upset.
I am just going to go wipe up the crumbs and spilled ice tea off the kitchen counters now.

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