Monday, June 23, 2008

Comfort Food

On one of my e-mail lists, a lady posted about how her sons came to her farm, and did a days worth of work for her. She gratefully told them she owed them a big dinner, anything they want. They replied "All we want is your sausage gravy and biscuits." Obviously, that was a piece of their childhood that meant 'home' to them.

We all have our 'comfort food.' The food we ate as a child, that no one could make like that one special person, mom, dad, relative or friend. Or food that brings up special memories. The food that means home, safety, and childhood joy. I have several, roast beef with brown gravy and Yorkshire pudding, Byrds Custard with canned mandrian oranges (the cheapest, and best dessert ever). Country fried steak with thickening gravy and mashed potatoes. Southern buttermilk biscuits (with country ham, or sausage gravy, yumm!). Of course Oreo cookies have to be on the list too.

Notice none of these are probably good for me, but if I need to sit down and recover from the world, or I want to make some I care for feel loved, I'll make one of these meals.

What is your 'Comfort Food?'

Thursday, June 19, 2008

The Nose incident...

A week ago, on the Junk Drawer Blog, (one of the better written and funnier blogs out there) we were discussing nose issues. (It's a long story, just go read the blog) In the discussion I mentioned my horse breaking my nose, and some interesting fun I had at work because of it. I was challenged to provide the whole story of said incident.

Some years ago (aprox 14) I was horseback riding with a good friend (who shall remain nameless because strangely enough she is a main part of most of the stories I have of getting injured on horse back..hmmm) Anyway, this friend was riding Horse du Jour from my herd, a spritely 15 h grey Arabian gelding. I was riding my green broke 16 h black TWH mare Shadow who was about twice the geldings weight, and not very graceful. Said friend led the way, tripping along on the gelding, across a murky stream, hopped over a log on the other side and continued on the trail. My mare got halfway across the stream, and promptly sunk past her knees in muck. (we were very close to the bay and wetlands). Unaware of the drama behind her, my friend rode on, and as the gelding went out of sight, my mare panicked, believing she was abandoned to sink into quicksand, and pulled a maneuver worthy of a Lipizzaner. From the bottom of the stream, she reared up and lept up the bank and over the fallen tree in one tremendous bound. In doing this she slammed her 15 pounds of bone head into my nose, breaking my glasses, and causing me to see stars for a moment as she hurried down the trail. I caught up with my friend, realized my glasses were broken and tucked them in a pocket. My nose hurt, but I wasn't going to end a ride just for that!

We got home, and I looked in the mirror. My nose looks a little funny. I touch it and realize I can lay it over on my cheek! Too cool! My Dr confirmed it was broken, and said if I would leave it alone after he straightened it, he wouldn't pack it and I wouldn't have to breathe out of my mouth for the next couple of weeks. Sure, I can do that I said. But, I couldn't resist showing everyone at work my nose laying flat (I wish I'd had a hidden camera that day, it was priceless! what a bunch of wimps!) So I healed with some odd bumps, and a little off center, C'est la Vie!

I did have a rather unique benefit from this however. All my life I had suffered from horrible sinus infections and migraines. I had a deviated septum, which can be fixed but involves painful surgery and weeks of a packed nose while it heals (and 5k if insurance doesn't cover it). Well, my horse fixed my deviated septum in one blow. I haven't had a bad sinus infection or serious migraine since then. Well worth it! I should rent her out....

Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Two years ago this past December, we bought a house with a lovely garden. included in this garden was a small pond, with either small Koi or huge goldfish (can't tell the difference myself), and a few lily plants. We waited for spring with great anticipation to see what would bloom. We also decided to hold our wedding reception in the back yard. Imagine our surprise to find an invasion on the night of our wedding reception. It seems al the neighborhood toads decided to join in the nuptuals by using our pond to conduct their courtship. At first it was simply humourous, but the toads throw a noisy party. They soon were so loud they were drowning out our DJ! It made for a memorable wedding reception, with only a few jokes. Later that year, the pond was first filled with black tadpoles, then little toadlings, but they all moved out eventually. The lone leopard frog and the goldfish in the pond avoided the toadlings like the plague, and seemed to sigh in relief when they finally left.

The next year we had toads again, but not quite as many, and a few more frogs showed up. That was ok, the frogs throw quieter parties, no complains from the neighbors on them. This year is our third spring here. The lilies are flourishing, and garden is lush, and the pond is full of frogs..lots and lots of frogs.
See the slide show here The Pond.
Now I am a bit worried about next year.

Anyone want any frogs?

Saturday, June 14, 2008

What can you expect?

What can you expect from a person who takes inspiration from a Monty Python Broadway musical? It's rather indicative of my mind set...a little off center, definitely warped sense of humor, curious about things no sane person cares about. For example, did you know the moon weighs 73,600,000,000,000,000,000,000 kg? My first thought is, ok, who weighed it? Since I'm guessing no one snuck a scale up on one of the moon landings, it's a estimate based on scientific formula. (a guesstimate, by any other name). Now, is that earth weight, or moon weight, because gravity is different on the moon, so things are lighter. (I see a future in spa ownership on the moon, where everyone's weigh-in would be a happy time!) So which is it? And did anyone ask the moon if she wanted her weight published for the universe to know? (I read it in a Snapple cap, and confirmed it on Wikipedia) Is this the same scientific formula they once used to prove the earth was flat? How well did that work, eh? One day a proven theory, next day a laughable myth. Isn't science fun?