Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Two years ago this past December, we bought a house with a lovely garden. included in this garden was a small pond, with either small Koi or huge goldfish (can't tell the difference myself), and a few lily plants. We waited for spring with great anticipation to see what would bloom. We also decided to hold our wedding reception in the back yard. Imagine our surprise to find an invasion on the night of our wedding reception. It seems al the neighborhood toads decided to join in the nuptuals by using our pond to conduct their courtship. At first it was simply humourous, but the toads throw a noisy party. They soon were so loud they were drowning out our DJ! It made for a memorable wedding reception, with only a few jokes. Later that year, the pond was first filled with black tadpoles, then little toadlings, but they all moved out eventually. The lone leopard frog and the goldfish in the pond avoided the toadlings like the plague, and seemed to sigh in relief when they finally left.

The next year we had toads again, but not quite as many, and a few more frogs showed up. That was ok, the frogs throw quieter parties, no complains from the neighbors on them. This year is our third spring here. The lilies are flourishing, and garden is lush, and the pond is full of frogs..lots and lots of frogs.
See the slide show here The Pond.
Now I am a bit worried about next year.

Anyone want any frogs?

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