Monday, June 23, 2008

Comfort Food

On one of my e-mail lists, a lady posted about how her sons came to her farm, and did a days worth of work for her. She gratefully told them she owed them a big dinner, anything they want. They replied "All we want is your sausage gravy and biscuits." Obviously, that was a piece of their childhood that meant 'home' to them.

We all have our 'comfort food.' The food we ate as a child, that no one could make like that one special person, mom, dad, relative or friend. Or food that brings up special memories. The food that means home, safety, and childhood joy. I have several, roast beef with brown gravy and Yorkshire pudding, Byrds Custard with canned mandrian oranges (the cheapest, and best dessert ever). Country fried steak with thickening gravy and mashed potatoes. Southern buttermilk biscuits (with country ham, or sausage gravy, yumm!). Of course Oreo cookies have to be on the list too.

Notice none of these are probably good for me, but if I need to sit down and recover from the world, or I want to make some I care for feel loved, I'll make one of these meals.

What is your 'Comfort Food?'

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