Friday, March 13, 2009

SUV etiquette

Even with fuel costs being what they are, it seems the number of SUV's on the roads is increasing. I don't really have a problem with that, esp if the owner has dirt roads to travel, unplowed snow to navigate, or trailers to pull. The original SUV was designed for the rural traveler to make it to town and back.
Now it seems the SUV is a suburbanite status symbol. Nary a dirt or unplowed road to be found, but still lots of them in my neighborhood. Still not an issue with me, but if you are going to buy it, learn how to drive it! This morning I was in my car, at a merge onto a 4 lane hwy. The merge is short and traffic heavy, so you pull out, watch traffic in your side mirror, and when you see an opening, floor it! I pulled into the really short merge lane, and look behind me to see a white suv and a line of cars. And that is all I could see. The SUV had pulled out so far, I couldn't see either of the two lanes of traffic coming. The SUV driver then laid into the horn, like I was holding her up from something important. If you are going to drive an SUV, realize the size of the vehicle you are driving and be courteous!
I'm not just ragging on SUV owners, I have teenagers and 6 horses, so I also have a Suburban. It's a beast, and I am well aware of how large it is. (esp hauling a horse trailer) I can't count the number of times I have held back at a merge, or at a light, because I know the person in that Toyota or VW can't see past the monster truck beside them. (and yes, a Surburban is actually a truck, built on a truck frame, not an SUV built on a car frame. It's an important difference).
So if you live in a city townhouse, but insist you have to own that Hummer or Jeep, fine with me. But learn how to drive it!

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