Monday, July 20, 2009

Why can't I walk?

It seems these days I can't walk in a straight line without falling down. 3 weeks ago I missed a step and fell down 3 stairs. 2 weeks ago I was walking my dog and stepped on a rock or something, and fell again. This was worse because of course it was on the street with the neighbors watching. Both times I just got some bruising, nothing serious. Last week I was pulling up a ground sheet that was under mulch, it gave way suddenly and I went flying.Again, just bruises.

This past weekend I was walking the dog on a walking path, and stepped in a hidden pipe, and went straight down again. This time I bruised, pulled and hyper flexed my knee. been hobbling around for 3 days now. Getting tired of this!

When I was a kid I lived for a year up in Labrador Canada. Cold, snowy, lots of pine trees. It was a known fact that in the winter we had a hazard that got you when you least expected it. Snow snakes. They wrap around you feet and make you slip and fall. But they were white, so you couldn't see them in the snow.

Now I know it isn't snow snakes, but I think there is something purposely tripping me. Probably Fairies. You know, if you piss them off, it can get ugly fast. Maybe if I leave a saucer of milk out for them.
Hmmmm.. better Google what placates Fairies.

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