Wednesday, June 17, 2009

When did I sign up for this?

How is it a woman, upon getting in a relationship with a man, immediately become his social secretary? Where is that rule written?

Granted, I can understand it if the event is her family, or something she is involved in and he isn't. Than it makes sense that she is the coordinator. But what about his friends, his family, his events? Why is she making the calls for events he wants to do? Even when she isn't going??

For example: I have a friend, a divorced father whose daughter and ours are good friends. All of us enjoy riding horses together. For years we would get together as a group and go on trails rides, an overnight trip to the beach, etc. Now suddenly he is dating someone, (granted, a friend of mine) and she is asking me, for him, if we want to ride this weekend. Understand, she can't go, this is for him, his daughter and us.

Are his fingers broken that he can't e-mail or call us? Has he suddenly forgotten our names or phone numbers?? Also, if she wasn't around, he would have his daughter text us.

He isn't the only one. Another friend we had shared an interest with us in science fiction shows, books, etc. We would get together as a group and watch our show and order take out. Then he dated and married another mutual friend. Suddenly he drops off the radar completely because she isn't interested in science fiction, so now he doesn't join us for anything. See his social secretary didn't set it up for him.

So this is not only lame, but causes you to miss out of a lot of fun. And really annoys your friends, just so you know.

I hearby quit as social secretary..

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