Monday, October 13, 2008

Bail out who??

Just answer one question for me, why are we bailing out these corporations, to the tune of billions of dollars? Since when did fiscal irresponsibility and fraud become a reason to take money from hard working honest taxpayers and give it to corporations who pay top executives millions in golden parachutes and send officers on spa vacations? Did you think we wouldn't find out about the WaMu exec, who worked for 17 days, and left with 20 mil? This article by Johnathon Turley notes a who's who list of execs who walked out lining their pockets with gold.

What about AIG, who received 86 billion in bailout funds, but a week later sends execs on a $440k trip to a posh CA resort. Article According to AIG the trip was for salesmen who 'Earned the reward'. Did they not get paychecks? If they were selling so well, why did the company have to scrounge money from the US taxpayer?

Lets see, I feel I deserve a trip to the Bahamas, I've earned it. So why don't I take that trip, blow all that cash, and just hit up my neighbors when I get back for money to pay my mortgage and bills. Sure, that will work.

If you want to bail someone out, I can agree with that, but lets find someone who deserves it. I vote for my favorite locally owned market. They did good business, were close enough to walk to, they catered to elderly and handicapped, and they prided themselves on fresh produce and eclectic other offerings. Their lease came up, and the property owner more than doubled the amount. The owner did the math, and realized they couldn't operate at a profit with that rent. So they closed. Now folk in that area have to walk several miles or ride the bus to a market. Many part time workers who were making it with the job there, are looking for work. I vote we bail them out. A small rent subsidy would have kept them in business.

What about local farmers? Many areas have had severe drought. Some farmers haven't gotten a good crop in a couple of years. Many have had to sell out. Lets bail some farmers out. Keep local produce at the stands, save some green space in our urbanization. Hey, everybody wins! (except that developer who wanted to pave it over and put up condos).

What about public transportation? With the gas crunch, a lot of buses, trains, planes are cutting back, because they simply can't buy the fuel. Lets give them a piece of the pie. If we keep public transportation going, them more people can use it. More folks using public transportation means fewer on the roads using gas and emitting those pesky greenhouse gases. Everyone wins again.

I would have no problem with digging a bit deeper to help a fellow American in need. We are all on the same path. But I object to handing over cash to someone who has already proven they can't, and won't, use it responsibly.

Hello in Washington, are you listening?

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