Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Chivalry is dead...

This weekend I attended the Maryland Renaissance Festival in Crownsville. Good fun, I go every year. It was the last weekend, and the theme was 'Chivalry'.
Everyone was dressed up in their Lords, Ladies, and knight costumes. The music was wonderful, food was good, lots of bowing, and 'My Lady' going around.

It was the picture of medieval elegance..until you had to answer natures call. (key somber theme music)The Maryland Renn Fest has several areas of Port-o-potties set up. Open to all, and lots of them. Usually not any worse experience than your usual temp potty. But this weekend I was presented with not one, not two, but multiples (yes, I kept trying to find a clean one)of potties where some guy thought it hilariously funny to pee all over the entire potty. Yes, I know it was a guy, or group of guys, women can't aim up that high unless we have spider powers and can hang from the ceiling.

Now I can understand a bit of drippage, it happens to all of us, but where is the amusement in nastying up the whole thing? If you are so drunk you can't aim your willy, time to go home mister! So a total mess is left for the next poor female, hampered by 7 skirts, 2 belts and an assortment of cups and pouches, who has to try to clean it off with the 1 ply insta-shred toilet paper (that is if the 'jokester' hasn't also thrown that in the potty) all while holding back what feels like 30 gallons of beer and meade ready for an exit. Then use the potty while vainly trying to not touch anything with all the costume.

What happened to chivalry? It drowned this past weekend in a golden shower.

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