Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Who wants to be a millionaire?

If you want to be a millionaire, I know of a specific item, which once designed and put into production, will end up in every office across the nation. I don't want any of the glory or cash for the invention, I just want you to create this for me, and millions of sufferers.

Are you ready?

Create an air filter you can put in a microwave, that will take out the nasty fish smell before it escapes and causes the whole office to hurl.

Simple. Brilliant. You will make millions

Oh, and also the nauseating smell of burnt popcorn (along with all those carcinogens we heard were in Microwave popcorn), also whatever was heated up that made everything smell like wet feet.(I don't want to know) Funky cheesy smells, onions, garlic, whatever. All the nasty smells people who share an office kitchen have to face to use the microwave.

Don't tell me to clean it, that doesn't stop the SMELL! Once the microwave fan starts, any smelly thing percolating in there gets spread in a 50 mile radius! It's especially bad in the morning. (WHO EATS STINKY FISH AT 8AM!!! SERIOUSLY!)
You already feel bad (you had to come to work at O dark 30 in the morning), and the one thing you look forward to is that cup of coffee or tea, but to get it you have to brave the kitchen and it's bevy of mystery leftover reheats.

One office I worked in barred fish, smelly things and microwave popcorn. It was wonderful! It happened because we had 3 pregnant women, who informed management they could either deal with a lot of throwing up, or not allow stinky things in the microwave. Hey, whatever works.

Seriously though, for the good of office workers everywhere, someone invent this!

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