Thursday, October 02, 2008

Blogtations: just good wholesome fun!

As is usual in the blogisphere, I found Blogtations by clicking on interesting links from other blogs. It's an excellent way to find hidden jewels. (kind of like a video game, yeah..)When I come across diamonds, I have to sit and read the whole thing. That certainly happened with Blogtations.

Currently on Blogtations, you are supposed to pick your favorite quote, and post it on your blog. No problem, as a newbie to the blog world, I'm thrilled anyone helps me come up with a topic! But, it's a hard choice! There are so many really good ones! Do I go for humor? or for poignant? the slice of life? I decided to post the one I most wanted on a t-shirt, which as we all know is the true measure of a writer, that something you said ended up on a t-shirt being sold on Cafe Press.

Let me warn you that today I am sporting PMS colored glasses.
~Can't Remember Diddly!
Link to quote.

Yeah, I need that on a shirt, preferably hot pink.

So, Blogtations, happy 500th, and for my 3 loyal readers, go enjoy some of the best of the web. All compressed and listed for your enjoyment.

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musing said...

Thanks for playing! and that quote would be great on a t-shirt. :)